Typical uses

Loft Conversions - Transform even small spaces into the extra room you need

easi-joists® open web construction means you can route services through the floor and maximise the loft space available.

As the strongest metal web system available, easi-joists® offer excellent spanning and load bearing capacity, ideal for loft floors.

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Flooring with ‘hidden’ services

Services are ‘hidden’ with easi-joist® floors, providing a tidy finish with no unsightly pipework or boxing in required.

easi-joist® floors easily accommodate services:

  • No drilling required for pipes or wiring
  • Ducting is routed through th

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By redesigning the end column configuration, the easi-joist® system can be installed onto a wallplate or ridge beam without the need for a bevelled wallplate or special metalwork item.

The end column configuration can also be redesigned to bear into an appropriately specified support shoe, allowing further flexibility for designing more complex roof shapes

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The easi-wall® system comprises open web studs assembled from strength graded timber flanges plated together with precision engineered metal webs.

  • Combines the lightness of timber with the structural qualities of metal
  • Structurally efficient wall stud system
  • Can accommodate thicker layers of insulation than conventional timber wall systems
  • Precision engineered for easier installation

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There are numerous easi-joist® manufacturers across Europe.

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